Christ is Risen - Indeed He is Risen! Hristos Voskrese - Voistinu Voskrese!

Dear St. George Parishioners:

The Church Board wanted to send out an update regarding guidelines related to the Corona Virus (COVID-19) and as we previously mentioned, we are taking proactive measures to address the concerns of our faithful in regard to this current pandemic crisis. Our priorities are to protect the health of our parishioners and their families and to minimize the spread of the virus in our Church community.

Following the expiration of the Johnson County Public Health Officer’s extension of the Kansas Governor’s Stay-at-Home order through May 10th, 2020 and with the blessing of His Grace, Bishop Longin, the Church Board has decided to lift the limitation on attending church services, while practicing social distancing. ALL of the faithful will need to follow the following guidelines and procedures outlined below. Additionally, the Church Board will continue to closely monitor this situation and if needed, will implement the limitation of attendance once again. We will continue to Live Stream the Divine Liturgy service’s going forward to allow those who are unable to attend the opportunity to participate from home.

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms (per the CDC COVID-19 website), PLEASE STAY AT HOME TO NOT SPREAD THIS VIRUS:

  • Fever (anything over 100 degrees F)
    · Cough
    ·         Shortness of Breath
    ·         Difficulty Breathing
    ·         Persistent Pain or Pressure in the Chest
    ·         New Confusion or Inability to Arouse
    ·         Bluish Lips or Face
    ·         Do you have reason to believe you have been exposed?
    ·         Have you traveled outside of Kansas or Missouri in the past 14 days?

If  YOU and ALL of your family members do not have any of the symptoms mentioned above and you feel comfortable in attending Divine Liturgy or other church services, the following guidelines will be in place:

  1. We urge the faithful, 65 and older, those younger than 12 years old, as well as those in weaker health and lower immunity, to refrain from coming to church for worship in the coming days and weeks. This will protect themselves and others from risk.
  2. Enter through the main church doors as all other doors will be locked.
  3. Tutors will provide guidance on where the faithful will sit in the pews to assist with social distancing. Please follow their instructions.
  4. The church hall will only be used for those that need to use the restroom – this has to be strictly enforced.
  5. When addressing the holy icons, please simply make the sign of the cross before the icon, bow your head respectfully and refrain from kissing the icon.
  6. Holy Communion will be offered, however, for those that will be receiving, please assist Father Radomir by properly keeping your mouth open and let Father Radomir “place” the Holy Communion in your mouth without touching the Holy Spoon.
  7. When greeting one another, please refrain from shaking hands, hugging and kissing.
  8. Collection baskets will not be passed, rather please place your donation in the plate in the narthex.
  9. Following the conclusion of Divine Liturgy, the cross will not be offered for veneration, the faithful should simply make the sign of the cross, bow their head respectfully and continue to receive the liturgical bread (naphora) from the hands of the celebrant, who will have, once again, thoroughly washed and/or sanitized his hands before distributing the bread.
  10. There will be no “fellowship hour” in the church hall after the Divine Liturgy.  

Although our church is cleaned after every service and event, we have taken the following additional steps to help prevent the spreading of this virus:

  1. The following items in the Church are being wiped regularly with disinfectant wipes:
    o Doors and push handles
    o   All veneration icons
    o   Center icon stand table top
    o   Light switches
    o   Backs and sides of the pews
    o   Hand railing to the choir loft and in the choir loft
  2. The carpet is vacuumed after every service.
  3. All liturgical handbooks that were located in the pews have been removed at this time and until further notice.  

Reminder: If you wish to receive Holy Confession and or Holy Communion at home, please contact Father Radomir and he will schedule a time to visit with you at your house. Holy Confession can also be performed over the phone due to this crisis. You can call Father Radomir at (224) 717-1689 for confession or even just to chat.

In light of the current situation, we hope and pray that everyone understands and respects these measures.

Saturday Evening, May 16th, Субота увече , 16 Мај.
5 PM Vespers/ Вечерње у 5 часова.

Sunday, May 17th, Sunday of the Samaritan Women /Недеља, 17 Maj,  Недеља Самарјанке.
10 А.М.  Divine Liturgy/Божанствена Литургија

Saturday Evening, May 23rd, Субота увече , 23 Мај.
5 PM Vespers/ Вечерње у 5 часова.

Sunday, May 24th, Sunday of the Blind Man /Недеља, 24 Maj,  Недеља Слепог.
10 А.М.  Divine Liturgy/Божанствена Литургија

Teleconference: 1-866-888-2357; Passcode#89061

Monday, May 25th Memorial Day. To be Determined.

Wednesday, May 27th, Leave Taking of Pascha/  Среда, 27 Maj,  Оданије Пасхе.
9 А.М.  Divine Liturgy/Божанствена Литургија

Thursday, May 28th, Ascension of the Lord/Четвртак, 28 Maj, Спасовдан - Вазнесење.
9 А.М.  Divine Liturgy/Божанствена Литургија

Saturday Evening, May 30th, Субота увече , 30 May.
5 PM Vespers/ Вечерње у 5 часова.

Sunday, May 31st, Sunday of the Holy Fathers /Недеља, 31 Maj,  Недеља Светих Отаца.
10 А.М.  Divine Liturgy/Божанствена Литургија
Teleconference: 1-866-888-2357; Passcode#89061

Wednesday, June 3rd, St. Constantine and Helen, St. Jelena of DechaniСреда , 3 Јун, Св. Константин и Јелена, Св. Јелена Дечанска
9 А.М.  Divine Liturgy/Божанствена Литургија

Saturday Morning, June 6th, Memorial Saturday/Субота 6 Јун, Задушнице,
9 А.М Parastos-Memorial Service/ Парастос

Saturday Evening, June 6th, Субота увече , 6 Јун.
5 PM Vespers/ Вечерње у 5 часова.

Sunday, June 7th, Pentecost Sunday /Недеља, 7 Јун,  Педесетнице Силазак Светога Духа.
10 А.М.  Divine Liturgy/Божанствена Литургија
Teleconference: 1-866-888-2357; Passcode#89061

Драги паохијани црве Светог Ђорђа: Црквени одбор жели да подели са вама нове информације везане за Корона вирус (COVID-19) пандемију и наше планове за убудуће.

И после 11ог Маја наш пренос на интернету ће даље трајати.

Крај изолације у Држави Канзас почиње 10 Маја увече. Са благословом Вл. Лонгина наш одбор је одлучио да са опет отвори црква свима нашим парохијанима. Али треба имати на уму да треба да следити следећа правила. Одбор ће даље пратити ситуацију у Канзасу и САДу.


Ако имате следеће симптоме молимо вас да остане код куће;

  1. Температуру преко 37 Ц.(100 Ферен)
    2. Кашаљ
    3.    Тешко дисање
    4.    Бол у грудима
    5.    Плаве усне или лице
    6.    Да ли сте путовали ван Канзаса или Мизурија у последњих 14 дана.

Ако Ви и сви у вашој фамилији немате ове симптоме и осећате се сигурним дођете на Св. Литургију или било коју другу службу, следећа правила су на делу

  1. Позивамо вернике, 65 или старије, и оне млађе од 12 г, и оне који су слабијег здравља и слабијег имунитета да са још мало не долазите на службу.
  2. Улазите у главна врата, све друго је закључано.
  3. Тутори ће бити помагати вернима где да се стоји у цркву да се одржи одстојање. Молимо вас да пратите њихова упутства.
  4. Црквена сала ће бити затворена и само ће купатило бити отворено.
  5. Тацна неће бити коришћена у цркви, ставите ваше донације код тутора где су продају свеће код улаза.
  6. Након литургија делиће се нафора. Треба се знати да ће свештеник прати руке као увек пре него што се дели нафора.
  7. Сала неће се корисити после служба, сви су позвана да се дружите и причати испред црквене зграде вани.

Иако се наша црква чисти након сваке службе и догађаја, предузели смо следеће додатне кораке да бисмо спречили ширење овог вируса:

Следеће ствари се чисти са десинфецантом

  1. Врата и браве
  2. Иконе
  3. Клупе

Усисава се црква после сваке службе

Уколико желите да се исповедите и причестите код своје куће, молимо вас да се јавите оцу Радомиру и он ће се договорити са вама посету вашој кући. Исповест је, услед тренутне кризне ситуације, могућа и преко телефона. Можете звати оца Радомира на 224-717-1689 ради исповести или разговора.

Јер ситуација је таква каква је надамо се и молимо да сви разумеју и поштују ове мере.

Павле Бајић

Our latest Newsletter(Glasnik) is out!!!
Ancient Christianity in the KC area, via Serbia
The current church building was constructed in 2006 and is located near College Boulevard and Pflumm Road in Lenexa.
The current church building was constructed in 2006 and is located near College Boulevard and Pflumm Road in Lenexa.
The current church building was constructed in 2006 and is located near College Boulevard and Pflumm Road in Lenexa.

Apostolic Christianity in Serbia (located in Southeast Europe) dates back to the seventh century. Christianity eventually became the state religion, and the Serbian Orthodox Church received ecclesiastical independence in 1219 with the consecration of St. Sava as the nation's archbishop. Orthodox Christianity became the country's primary religion and remains so to this day.

During a wave of immigration to the United States in the late 19th and early 20th centuries , a Serbian community was established in Kansas City, Kansas. The community constructed a meeting hall, which held occasional services until St. George Church was chartered on April 18, 1906 in a home that was remodeled into a small church building. A more permanent church building and meeting hall was constructed in Kansas City, Kansas at the corner of Bethany and Lowell in 1925. This remained the location of the parish until 2006, when the new St. George church building (pictured above) was consecrated in Lenexa, Kansas. St. George Church continues the tradition of Orthodox Christianity that can be traced from that original Serbian community in Kansas City, to Europe, to the Apostles.

Visitors are welcome at our church services and special events. Contact Father Radomir if you have questions.

Click the links below to learn more about our priest, our history, our diocese, and our patriarchate:

St. George Church Iconostasis

One of the first things that strikes a non-Orthodox visitor to an Orthodox church is the prominent place assigned to the Holy Icons. The Iconostasis (Icon-screen) dividing the Altar from the rest of the church is covered with them, while others are placed in prominent places throughout the church building. Sometimes even the walls and ceiling are covered with them in fresco or mosaic form. The Orthodox faithful prostrate themselves before them, kiss them, and burn candles before them. They are censed by the Priest and carried in processions. 


St. George Serbian Orthodox Church | Lenexa, Kansas