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Kolo Sestara

The Kolo Srpskih sestara Sv. Petka, or "Kolo," supports the ministries of St. George Church.

First organized in 1924, the Kolo now has approximately 80 members who support our Church School, Youth Group, and our other organizations and events.

The Kolo sponsors our annual Serbian Food Festival and Bazaar, held each fall on the weekend before Thanksgiving. It also hosts several fund raising dinners throughout the year, and is always ready to help new arrivals from the old country with most everything immigrant families need.

These dedicated ladies are truly the backbone of our St. George Orthodox Church life.

2020 Kolo Sestara Board:

  • President: Dayna Meyers
  • Vice President: Jelena Ozegovic
  • Treasurer: Donna Lemley
  • Secretary: Lisa Gribble
  • Members at Large: Shauna Bajich & Michelle Kimbell

Historical photo: Below is a group picture of the sisterhood on Mother's Day in 1946.

Annul Food Festival & Bazaar

St. George Serbian Orthodox Church | Lenexa, Kansas