Blessing of homes

Fr. Aleks will start the blessing of homes in our parish on the eve of Theophany, which falls on Jan. 19.

For the blessing of your home you should have a church candle and a bowl half filled with water placed on a table. If you have a hand censer and would like the priest to use it, place it on the table. A list of the names of the living members of the family may be placed by the bowl. You can also light your vigil lamp - kandilo during the service. After the blessing of your home, please save the water and you can mix it with your holy water from last year if you still have some. Use Theophany water during the year; it is a spiritual medicine when you use it with faith. Before you consume the Theophany water please say a prayer.

If this time of the year is too busy for you and your family, the priest can bless your home anytime during the year. Some people like to do it before or on the day of their krsna slava after the blessing of kolac and zito. Always have some Theophany water in your home for use. Bring a bottle and get some from the the church if needed.

Prayer before Partaking of Holy Water:
O Lord, my God, may Thy holy gift and Thy holy water be for the remission of my sins, for the enlightenment of my mind, for the strengthening of my soul and body, for the health of my soul and body, for conquering of my passions and infirmities, according to Thy mercy that hath no limit, through the prayers of Thy Most Pure Mother and all Thy saints. Amen

Prayer books

Every Orthodox Christian should have an Orthodox prayer book and use it daily. Prayer books can be smaller, with less specific prayers and canons, or bigger with all the prayers and akathists. The canons we need most are the ones for before and after holy communion, various needs etc. We have Orthodox prayer books for sale, and if you don't have one please purchase one from our tutori.

Book: Serbian-American saints

The Lives of St. Mardarije of Libertyville and St. Sebastijan of Jackson book is available for purchase at wardens table in narthex of the church. The price is $22. Every Serbian Orthodox house should have this book and know the lives and struggles of these two wonderful Serbian - American saints.

Join us after church for coffee hour

We invite all to join us at our coffee hour after each Sunday's Divine Liturgy. This is an integral part of our fellowship and allows parishioners to meet and get to know each other. Also the many fundraisers such as bakes sales, festal/memorial luncheons, slavas, and so forth give parishioners a chance for fellowship as they work to help the church.

Arriving at church on time

Often the faithful come to the church services late and don't hear the epistle or Gospel lesson of the day, and some are even late for the most sacred part of the Liturgy which is the Canon of the Holy Eucharist. By doing this, they miss a lot and their Sunday worship is not complete. Please try not to make a habit of it, and encourage yourself to get up earlier and give yourself enough time to get ready and come to the house of God on time.

Commemorating names

The lists of Christian names to be commemorated at Proskomidia, the preparation for the Divine Liturgy, are by the candles for your use. Please write the names – full baptism names please, no nick names – of your family members, including your relatives or Orthodox friends living and reposed and give it to the tutor (warden) to bring it to the altar for the commemoration. For your slava, birthdays, anniversaries, or other occasions, remember to use the lists and write the names for the altar commemoration at the Liturgy.